Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Blogger Must Know His Audience

I don't know whether the Heather McPhee who signed on as the first non-author follower of one of my other blogs is the US Winter Olympian Heather McPhee (about whom I said some rather unflattering things in one post), NFL Players Association Associate General Counsel Heather McPhee (who might be preparing a suit for libel against us), or another Heather McPhee altogether. And not knowing who reads the things that I write on the interwebs is kind of unsettling (I mean, isn't the internet supposed to be private or something?). Man, FWPs


  1. 1. The skier is Heather McPhie
    2. Can you imagine if our defense rested on Alex Frank, Esq.? We'd somehow wind up tried under 17th century maritime law and keelhauled
    3. Somebody google searched "Al Michaels" then sifted through roughly oh say the entire internet just to call me a schnook, so don't tell me about problems.

  2. #3 sounds like a worthy candidate for a post of it's own, no?