Friday, July 9, 2010

My HTC Is Just Smart Enough To Fail

After 5 years of the same phone (which was used by 5 people before me including my father who doesn't have a cellphone and my grandmother) I finally went out and got a smart phone. It can do just about anything and it tries too. After signing into facebook and gmail on it, it pulled all my contacts from those sites and automatically added them to my contact list. In order to not have 2 to 3 listings for the same contact (one with their gmail, one with their phone number and one with their facebook profile--profile pictures and statuses automatically pull to the contact) I had to go in and allow the phone to link each contact individually. To add insult to injury, I think there is a way I could have done it automatically, but given my distrust in technology, I didn't allow it to when I first turned on the phone and then didn't know how to go back and change the preference. Man, FWPs

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