Sunday, April 25, 2010

Irish Blood, Pussy's Heart

after checking into my hostel in dublin and politely requesting a bottom bunk, they still gave me a top bunk. not even the 10 hours' sleep i got in my overpriced b&b from last night can make up for that. Man, FWPs


  1. Also, when a volcano fucks with your transatlantic travel plans, that's pretty much the epitome of a FWP.

  2. Ah yes, plate tectonics, the peculiar indulgence of developed nations.

    Still: Don't be such a pussy, Alex.

  3. eli: yeah, i figured that post was basically made by cnn for about a week there, so putting on here would've been redundant. but still, such a FWP.

    meryl: i'm trying. but as a wise friend once said, that's like asking a rainbow not to shine.